31 Days of Horror – Week One

1st October – Halloween (1978)

As I have plans for the 31st itself, I decided instead to start the season with this classic. Fifteen years after murdering his older sister when he was a child, Michael Myers escapes a high security mental hospital and returns to his home town to once again wreak havoc. I must admit, re-watching this original Halloween made me realise that I don’t actually know it very well – between clips, parodies, sequels and remakes, I’d forgotten a lot about the original itself. It was a joy to re-watch it and take it all in. This was a great way to start the month, and reassured me that it’s well worth re-watching plenty of classics over the next few weeks!

2nd October – The Descent (2005)

My first choice for my Monster Movie Mondays was the brilliant The Descent. Six women go on a spelunking expedition, but soon realise they’re off the grid and totally out of their depth. I really love this film – it is tense, gory, claustrophobic and bleak. This film and Dog Soldiers are why I count Neil Marshall as one of my favourite horror directors. I’ve watched it many times, and it still really holds up.Jo

3rd October – Gerald’s Game (2017)

Tuesdays are Stephen King days! I started out with the newest King release, Gerald’s Game. Jessie and her husband Gerald go away for the weekend to their remote cabin, to try to spice up their marriage with a little kink. However, once Jessie is handcuffed securely to the bed, Gerald suffers a massive heart attack and dies. Jessie is trapped, unable to escape her handcuffs or the dark recesses of her own mind…but are all the terrifying things Jessie sees really hallucinations? I really enjoyed this dark little number, although I’m not sure this is one I’d watch more than once – it’s the unknown of it all that is the film’s main strength.

4th October – Knock Knock (2015)

Eli Roth’s films can often be a little rough around the edges, but I usually find them really enjoyable for what they are – beautiful gore fests! However, this latest offering was pretty disappointing. Evan – a family man – is home alone during a storm, when two seductive young women come a’knocking seeking help. He lets them in and offers assistance, but the girls soon make it clear they’re after more than just dry clothes and a cup of tea! Evan has a wild night with the two of them, but the next day it becomes clear that they were testing his fidelity, and the price of failure is steep. The craziness of the women alternates between entertaining and irritating, but it’s the ending that is the real disappointment – lacklustre and ultimately left the whole film feeling a bit pointless.

5th October – American Psycho (2000)

For ‘Anything Can Happen Thursday’ I opted for another familiar favourite of mine, American Psycho. Investment Banker Patrick Bateman hides his psychopathic tendencies under layers of routine, wealth and fakery…but his mask is beginning to slip. Every time I watch this film, I think I really should read Brett Easton Ellis’s original novel – perhaps I should add a copy to my Christmas list! I’m not a fan of Christian Bale, but I do think this character really suits him. There are clearly a few gaps in the narrative of the film, which is why I want to read the novel, but nonetheless the movie still works well as a depiction of Bateman’s descent into madness.

6th October

I cheated a little bit, and Friday ended up being a rest day – I wanted to make sure I was prepped and psyched for the host of horror I knew was in store on Saturday at Grimmfest!

7th October – Grimmfest!

A full Grimmfest blog will be coming later this week. I had a great day, and it was a brilliant way to round off my first week of 31 Days of Horror!


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