31Days of Horror – Weeks Four and Five

22nd October – The Omen (1976)

A wealthy and well-to-do couple adopt a baby but, as their little Damien grows up, things start to go awry. Is it possible that their son could be the Antichrist? Brilliant film, I’d struggle to find any fault with it actually. A true classic!

I also watched Black Sheep and Rogue on the 22nd, researching for my Top 5 Cheesy Creature Feature list!

23rd October – Piranha (2010)

Thousands of flesh-eating prehistoric piranhas are released into Lake Victoria when a chasm is opened by an underwater tremor, just in time for spring break on the lake. The local Sheriff, her son, and the crew of softcore porno Girls Gone Wild are amongst the people who end up fighting for their lives against the toothy bastards. Great mindless fun, with cameos from Eli Roth, Christopher Lloyd and (most excitingly) Richard Dreyfuss adding to the amusement.

24th October – 1922 (2017)

In 1922, a farmer decides to murder his wife to stop her selling their home and farm. He convinces their son to help him, but both father and son soon start to collapse under the pressure of their crime. I thought this was a very good adaptation – bleak and creepy throughout, if perhaps a little slow paced. I’m a big fan of Thomas Jane, who was the main character, and the cinematography was really beautiful in places. N.B. Not a film for murophobes!

25th October – Cabin Fever (2002)

A group of college students rent a cabin in the woods to party, but are confronted by a man with a curious disease, asking for help. Panicked, they seriously wound the man, who – unbeknownst to them – runs off and dies in the local reservoir, infecting their water supply. Roth’s feature movie debut and, as I commented last week with regards to Hostel, I think his earlier stuff is his best (so far at least).

26th October – White Zombie (1932)

A man asks a local witch doctor (Bela Legosi) to help lure the woman he loves away from her fiancé, and the witch doctor advises that the only way to do this is to slip her a potion that will make her seem dead at first, but then turn her into a mindless zombie. A very creepy little number, definitely worth a watch for the cinematic significance of the film, as it is the first ever movie to feature zombies of any kind.

I watched this in a double bill with Night of the Living Dead, which I have already discussed here.

27th October – Urban Legend (1998)

A series of mysterious college student deaths appear to be mimicking famous Urban Legends. Are the killings linked to the University’s very own urban legend, about a professor going homicidal 25 years earlier, and is the resident expert on urban legends – Professor Wrexler, played by Robert Englund – somehow involved? A great slasher flick, with a strong premise, if a slightly weak ending. There’s quite the impressive 90s teenage cast, including Jared Leto, Joshua Jackson and Tara Reid.

28th October – Truth or Dare (2012)

Also goes by ‘Truth or Die’. Five University students (why is it always college/uni students?!) travel to the birthday party of an unpopular fellow student called Felix, who they have mocked and bullied in the past. When they arrive, Felix is nowhere to be seen, but his brother welcomes them and convinces them to stay and party with him in the remote cottage. It soon becomes clear that Felix’s brother is looking for more than just a good time. I was pleasantly surprised by how this film subverted a few horror stereotypes, but the ending was a little rushed and unclear.

29th October – The Exorcist (1973)

A girl claims to be possessed by a demon and, having exhausted all modern medicine has to offer, her mother turns to two priests for help. I believe this is one of the scariest films ever made – especially the extended version in all its Pazuzu-flashing, spider walking goodness. I said it about The Omen, and I’ll say it again here – a true classic!

30th October – Scream (1996)

A masked assailant stalks and kills a group of teenagers in the town of Woodsboro, taunting his victims with the question ‘What’s your favourite scary movie?’. Scream was the first horror movie I ever watched, and so it was nice to end my at-home-viewing on this high! On my first viewing, I obviously didn’t get many of the genre references, but every time I’ve watched it since I’ve found something new to enjoy.


31st October

I booked Halloween off from work, and spent it at the cinema indulging in new and recent releases. It was a great way to wrap up #31DaysOfHorror! I will be posting full blog posts on Jigsaw, Happy Death Day and The Limehouse Golem over the course of the next week or so.

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