Starry Eyes (2014)

  • Director: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyerstarryeyes
  • Writer: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer
  • Cast: Alex Essoe, Fabianne Therese, Maria Olsen

‘Ambition – the blackest of human desires.’

Sarah Walker is a wannabe starlet, stuck in a dead end job and surrounded by back-stabbing friends. When an opportunity for a gateway role with a big production company comes along, she’ll stop at nothing to get the part.

View the trailer here

One could say that this film takes on a particular resonance at the moment, against the recent headlines of Hollywood power abuses. The influence of The Producer in the film is overpowering, and it is clear that a number of actresses have been manipulated and entrapped by him in the past, just like Sarah.

Alex Essoe’s main character Sarah is very well performed, with the character somehow managing to be both fragile and ruthlessly ambitious all at once. Essoe does a great job of portraying Sarah’s descent into desperation, and I found myself disliking her but rooting for her nonetheless.

This is an enjoyable – albeit perhaps uncomfortable – film, with occult themes and some well-constructed body horror, portraying desperation and depravity in Hollywood.

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