The Rezort (2015)

  • Director: Steve Barkerthe rezort
  • Writer: Paul Gerstenberger
  • Main Cast: Dougray Scott, Jessica De Gouw, Martin McCann

‘If we can treat the dead like meat, who’s to say the living won’t be next?’

In a world that has managed to survive a mass zombie outbreak, a luxury island – The Rezort – offers wealthy guests the opportunity to hunt the last existing zombies for sport. The safari is strictly controlled to ensure guests are in no real danger, until the security systems are brought down by a rogue virus and the hunters once again become the hunted.

This is an interesting twist on the zombie genre. What would humanity do after a mass outbreak, even if we won? Cash in on the anger and unresolved issues, of course! This is very much Jurassic Park with zombies. I presume the number of similarities between the two films was purposefully done, as an homage, rather than a clumsy rip off.

I’m really surprised this film didn’t get more attention on release. It clearly had a considerable budget behind it, good special effects and zombie make up, an attention grabbing plot and a pretty decent cast. It also follows the tradition of Romero, using zombie movies as a method of social commentary, with clear statements on the divide between rich and poor, and the dire treatment of refugees by those in power.

I did find there were some slightly challenging gender dynamics. When a hoard of zombies first attacks the group, then men leap into action with their guns, while the two women run off – holding hands – to hide. Further, none of the male characters seem to see anything wrong with the treatment of the zombies, while the women are tormented and emotional at their undead plight.

In terms of pure enjoyment, I much preferred the Korean zombie film Train to Busan, which I watched a day earlier. However, The Rezort is certainly an interesting film and definitely one for zombie aficionados to check out.

View the trailer here

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