Cargo (2017)

  • Director: Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howlingcargo
  • Writer: Yolanda Ramke
  • Main Cast: Martin Freeman, Simone Landers, Anthony Hayes

‘Time is there. Every second. And we are going to make it count.’

In the aftermath of a viral outbreak (the word ‘zombie’ isn’t actually mentioned in the film), a father goes searching in the Australian outbreak for someone who can help him and his baby daughter when he becomes infected, and has 48 hours before the virus takes hold.

A beautifully shot, extremely heartfelt film. The outback setting is an interesting one for a zombie movie – so often a claustrophobic genre, the vastness of the scenery sets a rather different tone to your typical Z-flick.

I must admit that I have quite a ‘thing’ for Martin Freeman, so a Zombie film starring him was always going to be a must-watch for me. I’m loving his recent forays into horror, with this and Ghost Stories. Now, my bias aside, he really is very good in this. There’s a subtlety to his performance, and his interactions with the rest of the cast (particularly with Simone Landers) feel natural and poignant. Even though I was already a fan, I was impressed!

There’s intertwining messages about family, hope, tradition, the environment and aboriginal culture that make for a rich story, even though the central premise is quite straightforward. The ending is emotional, heart-wrenching but hopeful, and true to the essence of the film. Brilliant work from these directors, particularly considering it’s their first feature.

View the trailer here


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