I started blogging about my frequent forays into horror in September 2017, largely just to convince 1918931_188699641283_4207249_nmyself that long hours spent watching horror films is a productive hobby! I write primarily about horror films (old and new), but will also post about TV series, books, games and – if I’m lucky – conventions and events as well. I can also be found on Twitter @_VividColours

I grew up in Kent, moved to Liverpool to study Egyptology in 2004, and now I work in research support at the University of Liverpool. I was rather shielded from anything resembling a scary movie until my mid-teens, but have very fond memories of my first few wanderings into horror during teenage sleepovers (a scary movie trope in itself, eh?) – me and my friends huddling around the TV to watch classics like The Blair Witch, The Exorcist and The Evil Dead. I was hooked!

I love all kinds of horror, although I’m particularly partial to a good slasher / serial killer movie – they say you never forget your first, and Scream was my very first brush with horror 16 years ago! Werewolves are my monster of choice, although I think we’re overdue a decent Mummy resurgence (but an ex-Egyptology student would say that!). I’d struggle to settle on a favourite director, but among current artists out there I’m a fan of Neil Marshall, Christopher Smith and James Wan – all of whom seem to be taking detours from directing horror in recent years, alas.

And my blog title? That comes from my favourite horror film of them all:

“Some things in their natural state have the most vivid colours

-Willow, The Wicker Man (1973)

-Hayley Meloy