1918931_188699641283_4207249_nI was rather shielded from anything resembling a scary movie until my mid-teens, but have fond memories of my first few forays into horror during teenage sleepovers (a scary movie trope in itself, huh?), my friends and I huddled around to watch classics like The Blair Witch, The Exorcist and The Evil Dead. I adore all kinds of horror, although I particularly enjoy slashers / serial killer thrillers. They say you never forget your first, and Scream was my first brush with horror 18 years ago! A couple of my favourite directors are Neil Marshall and James Wan, both of whom seem to be taking detours from directing horror in recent years unfortunately.

I can be found on Twitter @_VividColours or emailed at vividcolourshorror@gmail.com

-Hayley Meloy