Movie Marathons

Creep Double Billcreep

Mark Duplass is brilliant in this unsettling but oh so enjoyable double bill, directed by the talented Patrick Brice. There is apparently a Creep 3 in the pipeline, and I can’t wait!

Running time: Two films, 155 minutes

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Bad Ben Trilogy badben

A low budget but highly entertaining series of haunted house movies from Nigel Bach.

Running time: Three films, 265 minutes (295 minutes if you also watch the ‘Making Of’ documentary, which I recommend!)

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The Blair Witch Double Billblair witch project

The original was a complete phenomenon at the time of it’s release. 17 years later, the recognised sequel (Blair Witch, as opposed to Book of Shadows) may not have had the same level of hype, but it’s well worth a watch.

Running time: Two films, 170 minutes

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Final Destinationfinaldestination

The basic premise that ‘you can’t cheat death’ fuelled this series. Not all of the films are gold but I’d say the first, third and fifth are really good. The inventiveness of the death scenes in every movie in the series is impressive, but be warned – this marathon may leave you convinced that everything and everyone is trying to kill you!

Running time: Five films, 455 minutes