31 Days of Horror – Week One

1st October – Halloween (1978)

As I have plans for the 31st itself, I decided instead to start the season with this classic. Fifteen years after murdering his older sister when he was a child, Michael Myers escapes a high security mental hospital and returns to his home town to once again wreak havoc. I must admit, re-watching this original Halloween made me realise that I don’t actually know it very well – between clips, parodies, sequels and remakes, I’d forgotten a lot about the original itself. It was a joy to re-watch it and take it all in. This was a great way to start the month, and reassured me that it’s well worth re-watching plenty of classics over the next few weeks!

2nd October – The Descent (2005)

My first choice for my Monster Movie Mondays was the brilliant The Descent. Six women go on a spelunking expedition, but soon realise they’re off the grid and totally out of their depth. I really love this film – it is tense, gory, claustrophobic and bleak. This film and Dog Soldiers are why I count Neil Marshall as one of my favourite horror directors. I’ve watched it many times, and it still really holds up.Jo

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