31 Days of Horror – Week Two

8th October – The Shallows (2016)

So, I was going to make Sundays all about true classic horror, but when it came down to it I felt like watching something new and simple! Nancy is surfing at the Mexican beach which her (recently deceased) mother visited when she was pregnant with her. However, as the other surfers leave for the day, Nancy finds herself attacked by a Great White Shark and isolated on an outcrop of rocks only 200 yards from shore. I love sharks, so I do have mixed feelings about the many films that vilify them, but this was still a pretty decent flick.

9th October – The Mist (2007)

I’d forgotten how good this film is! After a particularly fierce storm, a disparate group become trapped in a local supermarket when a mysterious mist descends from the local military base. It soon becomes evident that it’s not the mist, but rather what’s hidden in the mist, that they need to be afraid of. It has a great cast (Toby Jones is particularly charming), lots of jumps and plenty of depictions of human nature at its worst. It’s topped off with a wonderfully bleak ending, which I really love!

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