TV Series

Harper’s Island (2009)harper's island

Seven years after John Wakefield murdered six people on Harper’s Island, including her mother, Abby Mills braves returning to her childhood home for the wedding of her best friend Henry Dunn and rich girl Trish Wellington. Despite Wakefield being long dead, it soon becomes clear that someone has murderous intent towards the wedding party – who have a fair few secrets of their own to grapple with too.

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True Blood (2008 – 2014) true blood 1

In an alternate America, where all kinds of supernatural beasties are real and vampires have ‘come out of the coffin’, Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse tries to grapple with her ability to read the minds of everyone around her, and her ill-conceived love for the mysterious vampire Bill Compton. There were seven series of True Blood in total, featuring a host of mythological beings include werewolves, witches and even fairies!

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