True Blood (2008 – 2014)

  • Main Cast: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgardtrue blood 1

‘I’m so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelievably stupid name!’

In an alternate America, where all kinds of supernatural beasties are real and vampires have ‘come out of the coffin’, Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse tries to grapple with her ability to read the minds of everyone around her, and her love for the mysterious vampire Bill Compton.

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I really loved True Blood at the beginning. I remember laughing with anticipation whenever the Channel 4 warning came on before each episode – sex, violence, depictions of drug use, graphic language. Ah, happy days! The first few seasons were very enjoyable. Shapeshifters, maenads, werewolves and witches were added to the world of Bon Temps alongside the vamps. The characters were crazy but likeable, the plots over-the-top but enjoyable, and the atmosphere was hot and heavy.

This is a prime example of a show that just went on too damn long! In an attempt to drag this story out for more and more seasons, the plots went from pleasurably OTT to absurd, and I ceased to care about the majority of the characters. Sookie went from naïve yet brave, to stubborn and dumb. Bill went from stoic and charming, to whiny and sleazy. The show jumped the shark so many times, the writers should be working at sea world. I had to watch the last three seasons in brief installments, with a friend and copious amounts of wine, just to get through it.

All that aside, some of the characters this show created – Pam De Beaufort, Lafayette and Jason Stackhouse primarily – brought me joy right to the end. When this show was good, it was very good. The world of Bon Temps is alluring, despite all the death and destruction, and well worth a watch…I’d just suggest stopping at season 4.