VCH Top Five!

Christmas HorrorsBlack-Christmas

I have a Christmas Eve tradition of watching Christmas Horrors, and I really love this sub-genre! It’s been great fun re-watching some old favourites, and digging out some festive films I hadn’t seen before, while researching this Naughty and Nice list.

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Creature Featuresdeepbluesea

For the purposes of this list, I’m using Creature Features to refer to ‘natural horror’ (not aliens or supernatural beasties) and I am focusing solely on fun cheesy offerings (not classic natural horrors like Jaws or The Birds). I’m looking at B-movie-style animal flicks which – for all their issues with plot, acting and/or special effects – you can’t help but love!

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Comedy-Horrorstucker and dale vs evil

It can be a bit tricky to define a comedy-horror. There’s plenty of horrors out there with elements of humour in them (particularly if you have a sick sense of humour!), not to mention numerous horror films that are so bad they’re funny. What I’m looking at here are films that are clearly intended as comedic, but which also contain some genuine scares or quality moments of horror and gore.

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